Sunday, 3 February 2013

So Done With Stuff

I was out driving with my sixteen-year-old, Mia, when she said something so amazing, I found myself covering my mouth in shock, (once I pried my white knuckles off the dashboard).

She told me . . . that . . . she . . .  was . . . "So done with stuff."

Now, to put things in perspective, we were driving around one of the nicest neighbourhoods in Lynden, Washington and I was oohing and aahing over the lovely lawns and different architecture. I mentioned that one of the houses was just like the one we had looked at buying last year.

And that's when she declared her freedom from the bondage of consumerism. Never had I been more proud. And relieved.

She went on to say that she was just, "Over it."

As a typical mom, I wanted to 'shrink her' and get a full definition of exactly what this entailed. But, in God's grace and mercy, He shut me up and I just mumbled an encouraging, 'Good for you, God can really use you if you are free and content.' Or something to that affect. I don't really recall WHAT I said as I was still reeling and bursting with joy for her maturity at such a young age.

So many of us struggle with filling our closets and homes with 'stuff' that we think will fill a void or make us happy only to find ourselves frustrated later with clutter. I know for years I was a shopaholic and blew way too much money on clothes. It was . . . out of control! I was addicted to the warm, fuzzy feeling from getting a good deal or buying something pretty. Until my Visa bill came and then the only fuzzy feeling I felt was nausea.

For others-especially men-shopping or acquiring things is just a way to 'keep up with the Jones' not realizing that the Jones maybe even more unfulfilled than ourselves.

Anyhow, my daughter's epiphany twigged my memory of one of my all time favorite VeggieTales movie.  Check out Madame Blueberry!  Watch it with your tinies, tweens or teens. Or with your friends. Or by yourself. Just watch it . . . and then send me a message when you've cleaned out your attic, garage and storage.

Because there is such freedom in being 'So done with stuff!'

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