Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Beaching It

Wow, just realized it's been a month since I have blogged. Where does the time go?

In the last few weeks I have had my feet on three different glorious beaches. So you can excuse my absence . . . can't you?  :)

Mother's Day weekend I was blessed to be with a bunch of crazy-for-Jesus women at Cannon Beach Conference Center, Oregon.
Breathtaking beauty, (the Godly women I spent time with) . . . and the beach wasn't bad either. Hope to be back there soon as the women's conference coordinator took my business card . . . (Insert prayer here as I've forgotten her name).

A few weeks later I was in Rosarito, Mexico getting acquainted with some amazing workers at four different orphanages and loving on some pretty precious little tots. God puts things in perspective real quick.  The children were so affectionate and well behaved; I found myself praying silently over each one as I walked or rocked them. Sweet, sweet times.  Met and got to know and love a family of four who left the comforts of Canada to do this good work. My daughter, Mia had been nagging me since last summer to go down and experience what she fell in love with. Indebted to her tenacious nattering. So grateful.

We left there to go to Murrietta, CA and see my daughter, Tia graduate from Calvary Chapel Bible School. I was one proud mama. Got home and decided I wasn't too old and with some prodding and encouragement of my new Rosarito friend, Cindy Lee, I'm currently in the process of signing up for some online Bible School Courses.  God works in strange and wondrous ways.

Friday we had one last 'hurrah' on the south coast and Tia took us all to Oceanside, CA.  You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.  I've been to California dozens of times and never saw that beach or town. So picture perfect . . . we will be back!

So yes, my toes have been digging into warm sands (albeit briefly) over the last few weeks. God is good and He gives us the desires of our hearts.  I love the water . . . lakes or oceans and He knows it!

On that note, off to Pine Lake, Alberta this weekend where once again, The Lord has situated some training on the water's edge. I don't know if there will be sand, and I imagine it won't be as hot, but I'll take it. Before I head north to the BGEA training, I will be watching another beautiful daughter, Suzanne, walk across a stage in Calgary, Alberta to receiver her CGA designation as well . . . life is sweet!

Did I tell you lately how much He loves us?  Thanks for indulging me on this unusual personal plugging blog. Sometimes a mother just has to brag.

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